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Do you feel you aren’t working at your full potential?

Do you feel you are not using your talents to full capacity in your work? Aren’t you as engaged as you know you can be in your work? Would you feel more engaged with your work if you get to do what you are really good at in a way you enjoy? Tribeforce can help you create a thriving place to work in.
What is Tribeforce?
Tribeforce is online software to help you identify your talents and start using them in your work. You can ask colleagues for feedback on your talents and ask your employer for support in developing them. It’s proven by science that doing what you are good at improves your happiness and productivity. No time to waste to start shape your job in such a way that you and your employer can reap the rewards of win-win personal development.

Benefits for individuals

Tribeforce is a tool to identify what you are good at and build your natural talents with the help of others.

Share your personal development goals and get honest feedback to help you improve on them. Enable others to help you spot your talents so you can put them to good use. Become confident in receiving and giving feedback. Become more confident in who you are and what you are capable of because doing what you are naturally good at, is a very big contributor to your sense of happiness.

Did you know happy people are more likely to be healthy and even recover from disease faster? Oh and happiness is statistically proven to affect future wealth! No time to waste, explore how Tribeforce can help you become happy.


Benefits for organizations

Tribeforce is a tool to drive employee engagement, innovation and collaboration in organizations.

Over 60% of employees think their talent is underused in their current employment, which has a negative impact on their engagement.
High engagement has massive effects on employee performance (up to 18% higher) and costly employee turnover (down to 40% lower). Improving employee engagement is easy with Tribeforce.

Gradually allow your people to align their natural talents and abilities with the work that needs to get done. Gain trust by giving trust in exploring people’s talents in concrete, well defined engagements that produce win-win situations. Allow people to discover innovative opportunities to build their talent and improve organizational performance. Build inner leadership through supportive coaching for those who choose to evolve.

Tribeforce creates confidence and happiness for people and innovation, productivity and collaboration for organizations.

Tribeforce is being developed with much love right now. Sign up to stay informed about our progress.


For employers

Is Tribeforce something for you?

Do you recognise the power of inspiration? People like to take ownership in their life and work but are often limited by rules and regulations in classic workplaces. People with caged imagination and freedom act as cattle. Do you want cattle in your organisation or do you prefer real humans and their gift of inspired action?

Recognise there is a better way to work with people than the current paradigm where managers are taught to control employees to assure productivity. Try and convert gradually to a place of inspired action that benefits the individual and the collective. Enable people to recognise their talent, share it with others in a beneficial way and put it to use in innovative projects and tasks that contribute to the bottom line of your organisation by increasing productivity. Happy, engaged employees are not only more productive, they stay as well. Key employee retention is a major benefit of working with Tribeforce.

Buy Tribeforce for your employees and for yourself to unlock a surge of inspired action, genuine teamwork and innovation in your organisation.

Tribeforce is a an employee benefit, a productivity tool and personal development software all in one.


Why Tribeforce?

Every person on earth wants to evolve into a better version of him or herself. Evolution is a core aspect of humanity. In our lives and our work we often lock ourselves or allow others to lock us, limit our own potential to evolve and become unhappy in the process. Tribeforce is software that breaks old stagnating habits by making people aware of them. Tribeforce invites people to replace these habits with a drive to make continuous positive adjustments, to act on their inspiration. The experience of positive change improves their abilities, their sense of self worth and their overall happiness which is proven to have a major effect on their engagement and productivity in the workspace.

Happy, confident people who do what they love, inspire and ignite others. We strive to make every single human an inspiring being, a role model for the Tribe they live and work in.



64% of UK employees state they have more skills and talents to offer than what they are asked to demonstrate in their current job. (Engagement for success).

Companies with higher employee engagement rates have up to 40% lower employee turnover rates than companies with low employee engagement statistics (Engage for success).

Organisations in the top quartile of employee engagement scores had 18% higher productivity compared to those in the bottom quartile. (Engagement for success).

A person leaving in his first year of employment can cost up to 30% of his full annual salary to the employer (U.S. Department of Labor).

Stress in the workspace leads to poor health which in turn leads to an estimation of an average of 30.9 work days lost annually.

Teams that focus on their strengths every day have 12.5% greater productivity (Gallup).

Teams with encouraging managers perform 31 percent better than teams whose managers where less positive and less open with praise. (Greenberg, M.H., Arakawa)

3 out of 10 companies are struggling with burnout.
Causes indicated were high work pressure, lack of recognition and unrealistic expectations (Study office team, Robert Half).

Reduce stress and replace it with happiness and productivity. Buy Tribeforce for your team.